Business wear: Suits, dresses, trousers, shirts and uniforms

With 40 years of experience and knowledge in the cleaning of delicate fabrics and varying types of garments Aspley Dry Cleaners have proved to built a solid reputation looking after all types of business wear. We offer a fast and convenient washing, dry cleaning and alterations service to business professionals and workplaces in Brisbane.

Take the stress out of your working week and never iron another business shirt again with our quality Suits, dresses, trousers, shirts and uniforms dry cleaning and laundry service Brisbane.

Expert Suit Cleaning Brisbane

No doubt you’ve spent a lot of time and money selecting that perfect suit. We understand that the suit you choose to wear makes a lasting impression. That is why Aspley Dry Cleaners treats each suit uniquely.

The Specialists at Aspley Dry Cleaners are meticulous in the spotting, cleaning and pressing of your suits, whether they be the latest designer label or a suit that you wear to work, that needs to look immaculate.

Why are we the absolute leaders in Suit Cleaning?

  • We pre-treat stains but avoid forcefully working on them. We are gentle on your suits and work to eliminate any possibility of embedding the stains into the fabric.
  • We use the correct coverings on our Pressing Units and have them set to the appropriate temperatures. This helps to prevent any ‘shine’ and/or damage to the fabric.
  • When pressing your suit, we pay particular attention to the collar and also to smoothing out the lining. There is nothing worse than putting on your beautiful suit, only to see visible pressing lines.
  • Jackets
  • Should be smooth all over.
  • No lining, pocket or button impressions
  • Lining on sleeve cuffs should be straight
  • Shoulder Pads should be straight
  • Collars should be pressed down on back
  • Pants – should have no double crease, lines or seam impressions

When packaging your suit, we make sure that it is not cramped. Your suit will look impeccable and ready for wear, when removed from the plastic.

We offer cleaning for all types of office and business wear including:

  • Suits (Jackets & Trousers)
  • Shirts & Blouses
  • Ties
  • Uniforms
  • Skirts
  • Dresses

Dry clean your garments with Aspley Dry Cleaners.
Open 6 days a week.