Dry cleaning and laundry

Aspley Dry Cleaners on the north side of Brisbane have 40 years experience in taking care of your dry cleaning and laundry, your business and formal wear, as well as bedding, curtains, seat covers and linen.

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Dry Cleaning
Wedding gowns and dresses
Formal and evening wear
Business wear: Suits, dresses, trousers, shirts and uniforms
Bedding: Doona’s, Bedspreads, Blankets, Sleeping bags
Seat covers

Look professional, sharp, glamorous… drop into Aspley Dry Cleaners for all your dry cleaning and laundry needs!

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Using specialised equipment and cleaning agents, the dry cleaning process expertly removes dirt and stains from fabrics.

Each and every garment dry cleaned is finished to an immaculate standard, extending the life and keeping the shape and style of your clothes. Your whites will be whiter and your brights brigher with our dry cleaning service.

We pay impeccable attention to detail and ensure that all care labels and personal instructions are followed. What’s more, each garment is individually inspected for stains and fine trims & embellishments to remove and avoid damage in the dry cleaning process.


Benefits of Professional Drycleaning

Convenience: All you have to do is drop your clothes off and pick them up. Your cleaner takes care of the rest. Why waste hours doing washing and ironing when you get quality and convenience with dry cleaning? Drycleaning is a valuable service which allows you more time to pursue all those more important things in life.